This article brought to you by the 4th century. 

We have a problem.  Now that the Roman Empire has fallen, our church could fall with it.  People have left the cities.  The emperor is gone.  People from the outside are attacking.  Before the fall, our people thought our great emperor was a kind of god.  Now that they watched him fall, they might no longer believe in the real God above.  There will be dark times ahead.  Everything is falling apart around us.  It's our job to make sure our church does not die. 

Everyone in this room knows what we believe.  Though it's good to remember, when trying to figure out how we are going to save it.  Christianity is a religion that believes that Jesus Christ is the son of God and died to save all of us.  Not everyone believes what we believe is true though.  That is why we are fighting today.  


The Roman Catholic Church believes that the son of God came to earth to save us all from our sins.  From the time of Constantine until the fall of the empire, the ruler and many of his people believed in the church.  Now that it has all come to an end, we need to make sure we keep people going to church and praying to God.  If we play our cards right from here, this could become one of the greatest churches in the world. 


For most of time, kings have held the most power.  Now that our people have heard the story of Jesus, they realize that there is someone stronger than any king.  The pope is the head of the Catholic church around the world.  We know that he speaks to God and then tells us how we can most please God.  So long as the people can still hear God's word, they will never be lost, and our church will never fall. 

When everyone lived in the city, it was easy to tell everyone how to act.  The problem is that they are now spread everywhere, and we cannot be sure that they will stay part of the church.  This is where my idea comes in.  A monastery is a building where monks go to study and pray and to copy the word of God.  This way more people in the country can hear what the pope has to tell them.  We can also have friars walk from town to town spreading the good word by speaking to the people. 

We are at a turning point.  Now that Rome has fallen, nothing can be sure.  We here know that Christianity, the stories of Jesus, are true.  The Roman Catholic Church has grown stronger because now people listen to the word of God instead of a king who only wants power.  In order to keep the people believing and saved from all of the bad on the Earth, I say we build monasteries where monks can copy the word of God and then people can hear the true word.  It is not too late.  We can save our church. 


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