Church seeking men for job of a lifetime. 


Gray robes with a rope tied around the waist.  No colors please. 


Love of God is a must. 


As a monk, you will make a promise to spend your life studying and copying the word of God.  You will leave your old life behind and give your life to God.  There are many sinners out there, so you will need to pray almost all day to make up for it.  Other than studying, you will also help to make sure we have all that we need.  Farming, building, working with wood, cooking, and baking are all jobs you may have to do.    


The monastery in which you will stay is a building where people pray and study.  You will work and pray with others like you.  These buildings will often be far away from towns and cities so you will not have to see the people of the world and can focus on God.  Sometimes you will do side duties like tend to the garden or raise bees, but for the most part, you will pray and study. 


For those of you who would rather get out in the world, we have other jobs too.  

As a friar, you will be a member of a religious group called an order.  Instead of staying in a monastery you will walk from town to town, telling people about the word of God.  This will keep a check on the sinners out there and help to find new believers.  You will spread the word that your monk brothers will spend their lives studying and copying. 

Friendly people needed.  


No walls will hold you in.  You can work on foot. 


A missionary is someone the Christian Church sends to travel and spread the word of God.  You will get out and get lots of sun and exercise, but the roads will be long and difficult.  Also, people may not like the message you have to give them.  But believe in God, and He will lead you. 


Anywhere in the world! 

We are sorry, but there is no pay for any of these jobs.  Instead, you will have to grow your own food, if you are a monk praying and studying in a monastery, or you will have to ask the people for food if you are a friar walking from town to town spreading the word of God. 

If you would like any of these jobs, please come to the Christian Church in the Middle Ages. 

No pets or wives allowed.  In fact, you can never marry. 

Again, this is a lifetime position.  No part-time.  No quitting. 

Women need not apply. 


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