You might hear people talk a lot about Christianity in this United States.  Most of our Founding Fathers were Christian, and many people who live here are too.  But nearly one out of three people in the world are Muslim.  It's important to know how other people think, no matter where you live.  So today, let's take a quick look at what Muslims believe. 


What holy book do Muslims have to teach them and give them rules?  The Qur'an is the holy book of Islam.  It a guide for Muslims and teaches many of the same things that other religions believe.  Many of the rules have to do with how to make God happy, how to take care of your family, and how to make one's self better.  They believe that God told one man (Muhammad) the words for this book over his whole life.  A group of people helped to write down different parts of the book and all the pieces were collected and put together into something we can read today. 

Muslims have five important rules to remember.  In the holy book, you will find these directions for how to live.  The Five Pillars of Islam are the things which every Muslim must do.  They are as follows:

Faith: Say "There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his chosen teacher."

Prayer: Pray five times a day facing toward Mecca, the holy city. 

Charity: Every year they must give a small part of what they earn to the poor. 

Fasting: Fast from sun up to sun down during the holy month of Ramadan. 

Hajj: At one point in your life, take a pilgrimage (walk) to the holy city of Mecca. 

They are easy to remember . . . so long as you can remember that harder last word. 

So maybe there's more than one hard word in there.  Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and a time of prayer, thinking, and fasting (which means not eating).  This month holds thirty holy days for Muslims.  All month people do not eat or drink anything during the day, and spend the time thinking about how to be good and how best to connect with God.  A lot more time is spent reading the holy book and praying.  During this month many go on the Hajj (the walk to Mecca that must be done once in a Muslim's life).  At the end of the long walk, you must walk around the Kaaba, a small square building made of black and white stone.  This building is the holiest place in the world to Muslims.  

There is another holy book for Muslims, and it tells the story of one man.  The Sunnah is the book that tells about the lessons, ideas, and life of the prophet, Muhammad.  It covers what he did and said in his life and also what he thinks others should do to live closer to God.  Reading this, Muslims can learn how to live their life, based on the man that God sent as a messenger.  If ever you want to understand the Muslim people, this would be a great place to start. 

It's important to learn about other religions.  Especially when your country goes into other countries or opens its borders to help people in need.  If you want to learn about Muslims, you can do four things.  Read the Qur'an, their holy book.  Learn the Five Pillars of Islam, what it takes to be a Muslim.  Learn about Ramadan, a holy month where people fast all day.  And last, read the Sunnah, the story of Muhammad, the great teacher.  Our world is growing bigger and more people are seeing more of the world.  The best place to learn about new things is from the first books that were written about them.  Anywhere else you look might not get the story right. 


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