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Most Commonly Asked Questions

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My student lost their password. What do I do?

You can change any of your students' passwords on the class rosters page. If you lose your password, we can send you an email to reset it. Since a lot of students don't have their own email accounts, we made it easy for their teachers to change it for them.

What's an interest article?

An interest article is just for fun reading! It's an article that your students can choose to read or choose not to read. It's completely up to them.

You can make an interest article available the same way as adding an assignment... except instead of checking "required", check the "interest" box. Students can also take quizzes after interest articles to help them move up reading levels!

I want to print articles for my students to read, but they are all at different reading levels...

You can download and print Paper RocketLit Articles so your students can read offline. Just click on the printer icon on the top right of each article summary. The paper articles come with the article at each reading level and a key so you know which copy to give to which student. Currently, students still have to take quizzes online. See your licenses to find out your paper download limit.

I've printed some paper articles and my students have read them. Now, how do they take the quizzes?

Currently, students still must take quizzes on our website. However, we do plan on making taking quizzes possible offline as well as allowing teachers to easily input scores to our website. This will allow students to move up and down reading levels as well as give you access to all the useful data in our reports. We want to make paper quizzes really easy for you. It's in the works. Sit tight and we'll announce when Paper-based Quizzes has been launched.