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RocketLit serves adaptive NGSS-aligned science readings from the 3rd through 12th grade reading levels, tailored for each student, to help struggling readers and challenge advanced students.

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        Joanne Salustri
        7th & 8th Grade

        It’s a resource students have been motivated to read because the articles are interesting and well-written. It is rewarding to see that after reading the articles and taking the free response questions, they do understand the concepts.

        St. Patrick's School
        Huntington, NY
        Corbin Rice
        6th Grade Science

        The platform’s ease of use and intuitive design drew me in, but the differentiation piece is really the seller. I can look up a million articles on everything on my own, but the website already does it all for me.

        Northeast Middle School
        Minneapolis, MN
        Beth Donoghue
        6th Grade Science
        & Social Studies

        Finding leveled reading resources with the same concepts had been a struggle, so I love how RocketLit articles are leveled for individual reading levels, but still have common examples and vocabulary we could discuss as a class.

        Chippewa Middle School
        Des Plaines, IL
        Chad Ledune
        Middle School Science

        Even my most gifted students have voiced their opinions on how challenging RocketLit is. Which, as a teacher, is something that I appreciate about the product. Many of my students are reading at the 11-12th grade level.

        Sullivan Middle School
        St. Carlisle, IN

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